C/C++ Package Manager

Buckaroo is a package manager for C/C++. Buckaroo makes it easy to add modules to your project in a controlled and cross-platform way.

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Recent Posts

Buckaroo Concepts for NPM Users

For many developers, out first experience of language package managers comes from NPM. NPM has been hugely successful in the JavaScript ecosystem, and has allowed it to grow at a phenomenal rate. How does Buckaroo compare to NPM for C++?

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Are Headers Really the Problem?

A huge barrier that newcomers to C++ face is that of undefined references. We create a project, include a few headers and BOOM, linker error. What if we could fix this at a build-system level?

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A Response to "Accio Dependency Manager"

There is a Medium post making the rounds at the moment about a dream C++ dependency manager. It's well written, and definitely worth a read. Here's our take.

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