C/C++ Package Manager

Buckaroo is a package manager for C/C++. Buckaroo makes it easy to add modules to your project in a controlled and cross-platform way.

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Recent Posts

A Response to "Accio Dependency Manager"

There is a Medium post making the rounds at the moment about a dream C++ dependency manager. It's well written, and definitely worth a read. Here's our take.

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value_ptrβ€Šβ€”β€ŠThe Missing C++ Smart-pointer

The C++ standard library is missing a smart-pointer! Use value_ptr to get value semantics on a heap resource. At the cost of some extra copying, your code will be simpler and easier to reason about.

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Error Handling in C++ or: Why You Should Use Eithers in Favor of Exceptions and Error-codes

Consider using an Either type to handle errors as they lift the error into the type-system and have the same performance characteristics as error-codes...

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